Everyone loves to buy the best pool tables as it's a great way to have fun at home without going outside. With the increase in the demand for pool tables, manufacturers produce high-quality tables in bulk. They have different sizes, shapes, prices, and features according to the customer's requirements.

Don't dump if you plan to buy a pool table for your home or office. There are many important considerations you have to notice before making a final decision. For example, your budget, the available space at your home, size, and so on. Besides, the pool table brand also plays a vital role in quality and performance.

We have listed and described the five top best pool table brands in terms of quality and style. Take a glance before buying any pool table.


It's one of the ancient manufacturers of pool tables and has been serving the market since the 70s. They offer many other gaming accessories, along with a pool table. They aim to provide quality and value in terms of the money you pay. They produce high-quality 8-foot pool tables with different configurations. All the tables have modern designs with rich wood. You can also buy it in classic design if you love traditions.

The unique features of Playcraft pool tables are artisan styling, hand finishing, and craftsmanship. They are delivered in a three-piece slate system.

American Heritage

They are the largest pool table producers in the USA. They started in this field in the 80s and still serve the best tables. The tables are scratchless and have a beautiful finish. The company designs each piece of the pool table to give the best out of the money you pay. They design the pool tables in a traditional way with mortise and tenon construction.

The reliable quality guarantees performance, durability, and longevity whenever you buy an American Heritage pool table, rails, unique internal leather drop-in pockets, and other accessories.

Plank and Hide Co.

Plank and Hide Co. is enthusiastic about delivering quality, playability, and luxury. They have been serving for many decades by building high-quality billiards and shuffleboards. You get excellent crafting and functional furniture for your pool table. Whether you have less or more space, you have a wide range to choose from. The most selling pool tables are 7 8- feet with traditional, modern, and retro designs.


Brunswick brand is famous due to its brilliant work. It's considered one of the top pool table manufacturers worldwide. The reason is that they have been serving customers all around the globe for more than a century. Yes, the history goes beyond 170 years in managing the manufacturing process. These tables and pool table accessories are liked and sold in many countries due to their high performance.

Empire USA

If you are looking for a reputed pool table brand, Empire USA might be your ideal choice. You get the complete value for your money by buying a pool table. The most prominent aspect is that Empire USA produces the best look of the pool tables.

You can pick up from a wide range of pool tables with a distinctive price range. Most pool tables are from $2000, but the quality is premium. You can't differentiate between the most expensive pool tables and tables manufactured by Empire USA. So, consider the Empire USA brand if you want to buy an expensive pool table at a reasonable price.

Final Words

In conclusion, these are the top pool table brands. You can find dozens of designs and different qualities of the pool table. Whatever the pool table size you want, always consider these brands.